Russia: Stalin





Russia: Stalin


When it comes to explaining Stalin, different aspects of his character along with logical reasoning are behind his rule of the Soviet Union. From the year 1914, there are different forces that have been used to earmark his reign while some may argue that he had different motives all along even when the million casualties are remembered. The mindset, personality, as well as influences in due process helped shape his nature after assuming power and the subsequent rise in it. His choice in ruling methods and personal achievement in making the imprint across board are important in determining the overall impact he had in the union as well as his legacy. The same issues open up debate among historians on how best to represent Stalin while reflecting on his effect at all levels. Despite the negative elements that were evident in Stalin’s rule of the Soviet Union, his logical reasoning, clever maneuverings, ironclad approach, and blunt style shows that he was calculated in his approach.


Upon Grigory Lyubomirov’s assertion from a television series on Stalin, he states that “I categorically refuse to show Stalin as a paranoid bloodthirsty wolf, because everything Stalin did had an ironclad logic to it. Stalin was not an idiot. I want to show that Stalin, responsible for millions of casualties in the Soviet Union, was doing all that for logic reasons. This is the Stalin we must overcome (Holley 1).” Stalin indeed had a Machiavellian mindset beyond the malicious nature that he displayed. In some way he can be called an evil genius who had the capability of being cunning as well as wielding power that could not be matched by his rivals. Only the vindictive side of his approach could represent the same characterization especially with the brutality that was witnessed and terror. He arrested and went further to execute millions of people who were innocent including the party members that he belonged in communism.

From the time that Lenin’s reign had come to an end, Stalin was never considered a worthy successor. He had been known to lack any theoretical brilliance and oratory skills exemplified by known figures like Trotsky. Other communism leaders had the abilities to command the necessary attention ad following as compared to Stalin. He was only taken as a functionary member on matters like organization and continuous role development. He was never taken as a leader even among his peers. Instead, it goes to show that he proved them wrong through his methods. Service (449) states that, “Morality is entirely subordinate to the interests of class war. And everything is moral that is necessary for the annihilation of the old, exploiting social order and for uniting the proletarian.” He showed that he was exemplary in effective political delivery by being an infighter in the party. He aligned himself with one and acceptable group to another as per the change of times and issues that were faced. He succeeded in eliminating all his rivals as well as discrediting them until his emergence.

He became a supreme leader through favorable positioning as well as planning on his part. Through the help of the party’s secretary general, personnel matters were delivered on his behalf to greater elevation. He then went further to promote those who were loyal to him and were party members focuses on his support building and base establishment. Service (460 States that, “The victor powers in the Great War had irresistible force at their disposal if only they could muster the will to deploy it. But they increasingly lacked that will.” On the other hand, he cannot be credited with ruthlessness and manipulation alone. His dogmatic style and blunt nature was an honorable appeal to some of the communist members who were in the rank-and-file system. His particular shifts to economic and political circumstances were taken as being the cause of problems to the people. Instead, it was a tactical deployment to make sure that he outmaneuvered his opponents and thus ensure his survival. His changes also represented emergency reactions like intolerance to dissent, which were welcome by the communist leaders.

Stalin’s personality can also be distanced from the world where he functioned as the leader of Soviet Union. In the Great purges that the union faced in 1930s, his execution of people shows his role and vile nature. The totalitarian model also shows that Stalin deviated from the practices and policies that had been shown by Lenin. On the other hand, he never knew or cared for his own actions. The logical reason beforehand shows that it was all for the survival and protection of rule in the union. The ironclad logic also symbolized the uncharacteristic determination that he was ready to imprint in order to remain relevant as long as he ruled. Over the entire period of his career, he caused controversy in equal measure through non-defensible actions and policies that hurt the people over.


Understanding and representing Stalin is not a direct conclusion especially on the negative elements that he represented over his reign. He killed innocent people in millions, changed policies and practices that hurt the people politically and financially as well as causing suffering to them in the Soviet Union. All the above was tactical and logically thought in order to outmaneuver his rivals and establish his rule. He did it co make up for all the skills he lacked and abilities unlike other communist leaders.


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