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Scene Analysis

Written Analysis

Section 1

The scene is at a pivotal point within the film’s plot because it exposes the vulnerability of human beings when confronted with extraterrestrial creatures. In particular, it is a transition within the characters’ mission of heading into space to eliminate unknown aliens in order to stop further carnage from them. Therefore, the scene illustrates their dilemma upon arrival on the location and finding no sign of the alien. However, their continued curiosity about the aftermath of the alien invasion keeps them for longer than expected aboard the ship hence triggering the return of the aliens. Accordingly, the clash of the two entities marks the beginning of the human-machine conflict, which forms the basis of the movie. As such, the scene serves to set the stage for this duel by introducing the aliens and showing the humans launching their defense strategies. It launches the momentum of the film as well.

Section II


Upon arrival of the aliens, the characters’ attempt to fight back receives a setback due to the running out of ammunition. In addition, the malfunction of the nuclear reactor is also reported. In both instances, these developments are meant to jolt the viewer into empathizing with the trapped crew due to the imminent danger they face. They are supposed to instill fear into the audience because the aliens are menacing yet the humans lack an exit. However, the reluctance of some members to fight back and the enormous challenge posed by the outcome in trying to save their lives also props the film into persuading the viewer of a possible redemption story. Consequently, they are meant to justify the apparent use of force and any means necessary adopted by the characters in eliminating the threat and staying alive in time to land back on Earth. As such, the decisions made within the scene create a roller coaster of emotions due to their alternating instilling of fear and reassurance of a possible escape from the dangerous situation. Hudson’s desperation and hopelessness is a confirmation of the weakness in some people who are not courageous to face adversity. Therefore, it reinforces the vulnerability of humanity hence helping to create anxiety of his impending demise. It also increases the level of pity because they are victims of an unimaginable force. It is evident that the aliens are ruthless and in a mood to devour them while the characters are visibly terrified yet subtly hopeful of a better outcome. The few instances of bravery are comforting and raise the morale of the viewer because they provide an impression of hope. They reduce the level of tension while watching the reaction of the aliens because they imply that some form of resistance will be mounted hence appealing for calm as the plan is executed. However, uncertainty still looms because the causalities are unknown thus fueling speculation that heightens the pressure. By so doing, the viewer is unsettled in anticipation of the resultant clash.








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