Shampoo Industry in Africa

Shampoo Industry in Africa











Shampoo Industry in Africa

The beauty industry in Africa has seen significant growth over the past two decades with entry of new entities and increase in consumer activity, which is attributed to growth of economies and respective individual incomes. The African economy was estimated to be valued at €1.5 trillion in the year 2012 and population that is anticipated to be more than 1.2 billion by the year 2017. According to the Euromonitor, South Africa and Nigeria were the biggest markets in 2012 with respect to personal care and beauty consumer products, with values of €2.97billion and €1.57 billion respectively. Africa is set to make up more than 40% of world population growth by the year 2030, which illustrates prospects of greater growth.

Motions: Salon Haircare produced by Unilever is a range of salon products targeted at women. Under the Motions brand, there are a variety of products such as conditioners, shampoos, lotions, and scalp oils. Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo promotion is extensive given that it uses a variety of channels such as social media, television advertisements, billboards and internet advertisement campaigns. The internet advertisement campaign is evidently the most effective platform given that it provides the entity with an avenue to reach a wide array of clients in Africa and other parts of the world (Motionshair, 2014).

The advertisement is presented to attract African women given that it is tailored to suit the unique needs of African hair. The advertisement notes that the motions shampoo products are designed for women who are “looking to create fearless, fabulous head-turning looks at home.” The entity through its products notes that it takes great pride in celebrating the unique aspects and strength of the beautiful African women. The product is packaged in bright purple and yellow colors. This has been used to illustrate richness, sensuality, color, and aspiration, which are central to the hearts of a majority of women (Motionshair, 2014).

The advertisement notes that the product conditions, cleanses, and detangles all types of hair to result in moisturized hair. The product is targeted at individuals, or women who have “medium-to-coarse textured hair” which tangles itself with ease. In addition, other types of hair are also targeted given that this product has the ability to cleanse all kinds of hair. The advertisement also notes of the various benefits accruable from consistent use of this product. Such benefits include the elimination of dirt and buildup of dead cells, which results in an itchy scalp and bring about infections. The compounds used to develop the product include silk protein and shea butter. This provides protection of hair structure and restoration of natural moisture and balance. The formula contains keratin and silk proteins, which are effective in ensuring that the tresses are strong and captivating (Motionshair, 2014).

Another hair shampoo product is the Dark & Lovely Healthy Gloss 5 moisture shampoo 13.5Fl.OZ. from Soft-Sheen Carson limited (Soft-Sheen Carson, 2014). The advertisement is short but provides important information as to the benefits associated with the consistent use of this product. They include enhanced levels of moisturisation, shiny hair, strengthened and softened hair. This product is targeted and focused on women of African descent in various parts of the world. It is targeted at African hair because of its various unique aspects such as its propensity to entangle itself (Soft-Sheen Carson, 2014). The advertisement notes that the product provides a gentle cleanse without stripping the hair and scalp of its natural properties to provide moisturized hair that is not laden with buildup of chemicals that irritate the scalp.

The two products from Unilever and Soft-Sheen-Carson Laboratories illustrate the volatility of the beauty care market in Africa. It has become one of the most sought after markets in Africa given the high levels of profitability attributed to a burgeoning middle-income class and enhanced levels of incomes in Africa (Soft-Sheen Carson, 2014).


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