Situated Practice





Situated Practice

Ellen Rose, as well as other scholars, provides valid arguments on the disruption of authentic reflection, which takes place in silence and solitude. Rose notes that technology has played a critical role in disruption of authentic reflection by enabling availability and rapid movement of information. In addition, the author notes that technology has revolutionized contemporary education that has unwittingly embraced market and technological imperatives in the guise of efficiency, optimized positive instruction outcomes, and preparation of students for a global labor market. Rose provides valid arguments on the importance of critical thinking as part of reflection in modern classrooms as well as society, as it is a means of understanding challenges and opportunities for social development.

Situated practice has been critical towards enhancing my personal understanding of social interactions as a complex system involving different cultures, races, values, beliefs and individuals with diverse skills and knowledge. Mumford’s construct of “the megamachine”, which is made up of inanimate, animate, technological, human, institutional, mechanical and centrally organized and controlled system affirms the need for authentic reflection. The discussion provided by Mumford affirms the role of the material world in determination of behavior of society or “the crowd.”

Lipsitz provides a discussion of the incidence of racialisation of race and subsequent spatialisation of racial groups. In this discussion, the author notes that living experiences of communities have a critical spatial and racial dimension. Different racial groups in the United States exist in diverse physical locations as evident through housing and systemic discrimination imposed by society. The demographics of where different racial groups live, play, work and travel exposes such communities to social shared systems where inclusion and exclusion are influenced by race.

Situated practice has been an effective course in enabling the development of an understanding of the human mind as embedded in social, material, and cultural contexts. Such reiterates the views communicated by Lipsitz in regard to systemic discrimination based on race, class, and wealth and education level. Individuals in minority groups adhere to socially imposed conditions of systemic discrimination and racialisation of communities evident through spatial distribution of racial communities.

Giddens provides a discussion of the theory of structuration, which is correlated to subjective experience. The author notes that human interactions have a dual nature. Agents and actors develop their knowledge from modalities of social structure in developing reproduction. Such affirms the role of structure in social interactions between individuals. In addition, groups interact with their environments and utilize material conditions to develop beliefs, collective behavior, and culture of communities.

Situated practice, as the construct suggests, derives its meaning from the interactions of the environment and the material world in determining the experiences of individuals or groups. Such experiences play a critical role in the determination of behavior of individuals existing in groups, which is evident through the systemic discrimination experienced by marginal communities. The disenfranchisement experienced by minority communities reinforces their lack of faith in social systems and contributes towards affirming inferiority. In addition, human encounters with technology have also contributed significantly towards a gradual decline in the need for critical through, as technologies provide avenues for solving problems. Rose’s perspective of human interaction provides an accurate perspective on the role of technology in decline in the nature of human relationships as individuals embrace materialism.


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