Stevens Poems





Stevens Poems

Farewell without a Guitar

The first stanza of the poems reflects about the end of the season of spring. The beautiful nature of the season is fading away. The signs of the passing season such as falling of leaves have started to manifest. In the last line, the writer says goodbye to the days that are passing by quickly. The end of spring indicates that time is passing by quickly for the writer. In the second stanza, the writer notes that autumn is approaching and it is indicated by the many leaves that have turned red and thunder light, which means a lot of light. In the fourth stanza, the author proceeds to talk about the season of autumn, and he uses the Spanish storm to describe it to the reader. The writer indicates that the storm in the autumn is pleasant to the people, but it comes to them in an unexpected manner. Autumn this time is not as it used to be before, but sometimes it blows in a way that indicates its past fortunes.

The main theme of the poem is time. The tone is somber. The writer of the poem expresses regret on the quick passage of the season of spring. The moving of the seasons is an indicator that he is also becoming older by the day. He is not eager to gain more years than he already has and that shows that he is a very old man. The writer would prefer the seasons just to stay still. He is not sure on whether he is going to see another spring. Clearly, the writer of the poem is very fond of spring, and it may be his favorite season of the year. However, he does not like the autumn, which is fast approaching after the end of spring. The writer observes trees keenly for purposes of noting the season. At the end of spring, he notices that the trees are shedding leaves and at the beginning of autumn, he states that the leaves on trees a thousand trees on leaves are turning red. The use of a thousand is imagery to indicate many or countless leaves. The writer also uses the word aroganese to indicate that the season of autumn was pleasantly expected by the people. The Spanish storm is used to indicate the autumn storm because autumn in denoted in red like the national Spanish color. The poem has a lot of imagery inform of metaphors, but it does not have similes.

The Pure Good of Theory

The first stanza begins by indicating that time is washes away happiness. An individual might be very joyous at a certain point of life but as time passes an instance will come that causes the person to be unhappy. The stanza goes ahead to say that time disturbs the peace of mind of and individual. The nuisance caused by time is very silent because people that are disturbed by it do not talk about it. Time is also very proud because it does not consider the circumstances of an individual, it only insists on having its way. In the same stanza, the writer notes that time eventually proves to people who think that they know everything that they are wrong. In the second stanza, the writer compares time to a horse because it runs through the heart. However, the writer notes that in the night it runs through the heart without a rider. Meanwhile, the mind listens to what is going on in the heart, but it does not do anything to interfere. The heart is just a passive observer. In the third stanza, the writer alludes to time as someone who is striding across the street. Someone reading a book by a window adjacent to the road is not able to see time passing by because it passes very quickly. The person is just surprised after realizing that time has passed very quickly while he or she was distracted. The fourth stanza notes that even the action of breathing is indicative of the fact that time is moving. In the event that the breathing of a person stops then it is said that the time for he or she has stopped. The fourth stanza also alludes of a horse that is very stressed by the matter of events. The fifth stanza begins by pointing to a shadow, which is located in the middle of the earth. The shadow is a large sculpture of a person who is not limited by time. However, the sculpture is not able to express itself through speech. The sixth stanza talks about a form that cannot be intimidated by the demands of time. The form is mature, and it can replace the allusion of the stressed horse and the walker who moves across the street quickly. The final stanza begins with the writer urging for peace after discovering that time is the disguised enemy, the harmful music and the space that has a space cast upon it.

The central theme of the poem is time, and the tone of the poem is lamenting. The writer of the poem is shocked at the speed at which time moves. The author says that instances of joy are destroyed by how time moves fast. He says that the actions of time are silent and proud to mean that time has a way to manifest its reality slowly on individuals in a manner that shows them that it is the only decider of their fate. An individual has no choice other than adhering to dictates of time. An individual may have a plan of how he or she is going to accomplish something but time will not allow. On many occasions, the individual falls short of time since it cannot wait for the task to be done first. The mind of an individual is burdened by the pace at which time moves and it requires one to be constantly alert. The writer uses imagery to compare time with a horse. A horse runs very fast just like time. However, the writer proceeds to sat that time is like a horse without a rider at night. Here, he is trying to mean that time is very reckless in its movements and pace and it has no direction because nobody is there to guide it. The mind is seen to have given up on trying to guide time, and it just watches as it moves. Imagery is used again to compare time with someone who is walking on the street quickly. Another person reading a book in the street just hears someone passing by, but by the time he/she raises the head the individual is already gone. The imagery in the poem is used to show that the sporadic movement of time. It is impossible for an individual to try to tame time.


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