Stop Time





Stop Time

One stop time that Conroy includes in his life was the experience he had as a child when he met Ramos and Ricardo, who showed him the tricks of the yo-yo. Conroy remembers this event and it must have been significant for him. He remembers the exact details and measurement of his yo-yo. He made a decision to buy a yo-yo and to practice until he mastered the tricks he had seen. I think that this event is significant because it shows the determination he has and the ability to make up his mind quickly concerning the things that interest him. Conroy did not hesitate to buy the yo-yo with the money he had. He was a child then and he could have used the money for other things. Instead, he chose to pursue what interested him at the time. Conroy says that he knew he would be good with the yo-yo. This shows the level of confidence he has in his abilities. He was determined to practice the yo-yo until he learnt it and it is clear that he was not going to let anyone to distract him.

Although he thinks that his yo-yo was different, it is apparent that this is not the case. He did not have his specifically made and he bout the yo-yo that all the other children had bought. The yo-yo competition was an important event in his life. The sentiments that he displays when he thinks about the event as an adult demonstrates his changed level of thinking and perception. The event also demonstrates the culture at the time. Children were happy and satisfied with simple pleasures. Parents did not need to spend extravagant amounts of money to entertain them. They found ways of having fun on their own and this helped them to socialize. This was an important aspect of Conroy’s life because his family was always moving.

If I were to write a memoir, I would include the time that my best friend and I spend together. This is an important part of my life as it has enabled me to learn a lot. My friend has influenced many of the decisions I have made in both a direct and indirect manner. She has offered suggestions and opinions concerning taking a particular course of action and I have felt her influence directly during such times. She also has an indirect influence because I find myself asking what she would do if she were in my situation. One stop time I would include was the time that we were both grounded because of truancy.

We had decided to sneak out of school that day and we went to the mall. Our parents learnt of it later and they decided that the best punishment they would give us was to spend summer at home. We had waited to go to the school camp all year long and the news that we would not be going was devastating. Although we did find activities to keep us busy during summer, we will never forget the fact that we missed sharing an important part of childhood with out friends. They were excited as they shared the memories of the experiences they had had during their time at the camp. My friend and I decided to use that as a positive lesson. We never thought of breaking any rules since that time. This stop time is significant because it shows the level of influence we have on each other. It also explains some of the reasoning I use when making decisions.

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