Strategy Analysis: Industry and Company Performance


Strategy Analysis: Industry and Company Performance















Strategy Analysis: Industry and Company Performance

Industry Perspective

  1. Accordingly, disparate industries possess different returns within a certain period. Some of these sectors exude better performance at short-term phases but are inclined to perform poorly within the long-term. Nonetheless, it is possible to assert that Financial Services, Energy and Utility industries exude better performance within the medium to long-term interlude. These sectors may not exhibit superior performance in the short-term based on profitability. These industries are better performers since they exude profitable revenues in the long-term compared to industries that perform well in the short-term.

This specific pattern is attributable to a number of aspects including those strategies implemented by the management, as well as the type of the industry’s market. Usually, the services sector begins at a stumpy revenue realization, but as the period lengthens, the revenues soar gradually. On the other hand, some sectors perform poorly within the medium to long-term phases. These industries constitute Business Services, Consumer Services and Consumer Goods sectors.

  1. Indeed, it is apparent that some specific industries usually experience high profitability than others. These sectors usually indicate greater percentage revenues than other industries. In addition to this, they continue to maintain these mean figures for the complete period. For example, the Industrial Materials sector is an illustration of industries that perform better than other sectors. This is because the respective industry naturally sustains a gradual figure over its subsistence with respect to its revenues.

Accordingly, even though the Industrial Materials sector does not exhibit exceptional performance for short, medium and long-term interludes, it is still able to sustain a high and consistent revenue percentage in a period of three to five years. In addition to this, the revenues of this sector naturally hike over its existence based on the external influence from its competing environment. Furthermore, the Industrial Materials sector largely enjoys market monopoly.

Company Perspective

  1. Indeed, even for companies within a similar industry, certain aspects elucidate the differences evident within a company’s performance in the long-term. One factor involves the strategy that a company utilizes. Usually, companies develop different strategies within a respective market. The main reason for this is to ensure that the respective organizations constitute a competitive advantage over other companies within the shared market. In addition to this, these strategies focus on sustaining the competitive edge.

Another aspect responsible for such differences involves the type of market. The type of market poses a profound effect on the steps that a company takes. In order to ensure profitability, companies usually assess the current market. The objective is to discover the opportunities presented by the target market, the threats, and the weaknesses of the firm in relation to the industry, as well as the strengths that the company possesses.

Personal Application Conference Topic

  1. The Industrial Materials Sector provides an effective example in relation to industry performance. Based on comparison with other sectors, companies within this industry usually exude a high performance. This degree of performance is similar to the figures projected by the Industrial Materials Industry in a 3-year and 5-year period. Additionally, entry barriers hinder other firms from engaging in competition with established firms due to the monopolistic grip that the industry possesses in its respective environment.

Nevertheless, certain strategic issues affect the respective industry. For instance, the Industrial Materials Sector does not necessarily apply the right fit of strategies. This elucidates the reason behind the acceptable performance it exhibits in the respective period. Accordingly, the sector can exude high performance if it focuses on the application of proper strategies aligned to its market.

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