The study of organizational theory and behavior are a fundamental part of an organization. It determines the success of any organization in a particular industry. At DCH Lexus, the survey carried out was a great insight towards the employees’ views of the company. Following analysis, various concerns were raised, by a substantial number of employees. It is necessary for further research on those issues to be carried out. Consequently, various recommendations offered need to be carried out. This report serves to identify the various recommendations offered. However, only the most substantial issues are covered.

In question three, 20% of the respondents claimed to lack the opportunity to do what they feel best at, everyday. This implies that a large percentage of the workforce at DCH Lexus is not productive. It is recommended that the management should restructure the organization to ensure that all skill sets are productive. This will ensure optimal productivity in the future. Forty four percent of respondents either disagreed or strongly disagreed that they have received recognition for good work. It is recommended that the management should offer incentives for good performance (Ventrice, 2009). For instance, it may create an employee of the week award, accompanied by some benefits.

A fifth of respondents disagreed that their development is encouraged at work. The management should focus its efforts on enhancing the employees’ abilities. For instance, training workshops may be held regularly. Thirty three percent of respondents claimed that the organization had little regard for their opinions. To this effect, the organization should implement new channels for receiving employee input. For instance, some issues may be delegated to the employees for discussion. From the survey, it was discovered that 40% of employees lacked a best friend at work. It is recommended that the company should encourage more interaction between employees. Strategies may be borrowed from Starbucks in this respect. This will allow the company to harness the benefits of synergy.

From the survey, 40% of employees did not discuss their progress with the management. Alongside that, 24% of them claimed that they lacked opportunities to grow. This implies that the company offers limited growth potential for them, in the future. Kramer and Amabile (2011) recommend that the management should maintain steady discourse on progress in the company. Benefits should be issued out to outstanding workers. Twenty eight percent of respondents felt that their positions in the company were insecure. The management should show the workers that the company’s position in the market is safe. This could be done by holding an event that celebrates the company’s achievements and appreciates the employees for that.















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From the company, it is seen that most of the company’s employees are familiar with their duties at work. However, a minority of the employees feel that the resources allocated to them are inadequate for their respective jobs. This shows that the organization has provided the necessary tools for workers to be productive. The minority may be informed of the 80/20 rule. From the survey, a majority claimed that they had an opportunity to do their best everyday. The survey proves that employees at DCH are highly productive. However, a significant minority claims otherwise. The company’s management can emulate Google’s strategies. For instance, it may allow its employees to carry out tasks of their own choice, which are beneficial to the company on regular intervals (Girard, 2009).

From the survey, it is seen that the employees are offered little interaction with the management. For instance, they do not receive recognition for good work done. Similarly, the employees’ opinions are hardly requested for use by the management. Alongside the offered recommendations, management should establish solid and transparent communications channels in the company. Starbucks provides a good example of how such communications channels may be deployed in DCH Lexus. The company features schedules containing important issues that employees are asked to participate in decision-making (Crossan, 2005).

From the survey, a majority of employees were certain of their importance at DCH Lexus. However, nearly half of the population was either unsure or certain that their job did not place any importance on them. Girard (2009) states that Google is a company that has a reputation for making its employees feel important. Strategies like Google’s workplace design may be carried out. From the survey data, it is shown that a significant population of the workers feels that their jobs offer little or no advancement for them in the future. For instance, around a quarter of the surveyed population claimed that they had little growth opportunities. Similarly, a majority of the employees had not discussed progress with their superiors. In this case, the management techniques from Starbucks should be followed. Communication in DCH Lexus is of great relevance to its success.





















Crossan, M. M. (2005). Strategic management: A casebook. Toronto: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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