Summary on Research Paper





Summary on Research Paper

The observations that lead researchers to engage in the study comprise the trends evident in understanding the implications of epigenetics, specifically on the arguments of nature and nurture. Recently, studies conducted on animal test subjects, specifically rats, have unveiled the possibility of epigenetic modifications in relation to the development of offspring. Accordingly, it was observed that the application of nurturing activities on baby rats facilitated significant growth and development devoid of anxiety and other negative sentiments among the respective subjects. The general hypothesis that the researchers are studying involves the effect of epigenetic modifications on development. Accordingly, the study is based on the nature versus nurture theory, which argues that genes and the environment are necessary factors that are involved in the progression of children. In respect to the respective presumption, the researchers assume that the implementation of preening and nursing on offspring leads to positive emotional development upon maturation of the respective subjects. The results of the article actually confirmed the respective hypothesis to a rather positive extent hence adding scientific relevance to the study. Accordingly, based on the sentiments that the test subjects exhibited, the study discovered that the application of nurturing activities on baby rats enabled positive development of their emotions by signifying less anxiety, especially when left alone by their mother. Overall, the article concludes that epigenetic modifications are imperative in the development of children, especially in terms of emotional maturation. The conclusion imposes further implications on research on the extent to which a child’s environment defines its growth and development. In this respect, future studies will concentrate significantly on the relevance of epigenetic modifications in development and the role they assume in the nature versus nurture argument.

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