In the process of handling kindergarten children, I am always faced with the challenge of maintaining a professional outlook. Most of the children I work with do not understand proper etiquette, have little discipline and self-control. Parents have different levels of strictness that they expect when handling their children. In all my kindergarten classes, I ensure that I maintain a fair amount of strictness. I never allow any of the children to have free reign as their indiscipline gradually mounts in open insubordination. On numerous occasions, I have had children taken advantage of my lenient style of instruction. On the other hand, I am always careful to ensure that I train the children in all the current academic protocols. By exposing them to the procedures involved in the formal education system, I intend to familiarize them with new aspects of learning. In some of my lesson plans, I have managed to introduce fundamental aspects of computer use. This is because the future of education revolves around information technology.

Collaborative learning involves teamwork among the students and instructors. Within my classroom, I always ensure that a definite number of lessons are conducted in groups. Within these groups, teamwork is encouraged. Most of the work done by children involves drawing, coloring, and painting a group picture. In this way, I can teach them how to assist each other in overcoming learning challenges. During my spare time, I also take up private early education lessons. This activity is designed to instruct me on the best principles to apply when dealing with kindergarten learners. Some of the principles that I have learnt and implemented in the classroom include sequential learning, creating trusting relationships with children, and using multifaceted approaches.

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