In the years of teaching, I have come across standardized curriculums designed by the state or non-governmental organizations that are largely ineffective. Therefore, I believe in developing a curriculum that is tailor-made to suit the circumstances in which it shall be implemented. One of the key features of my unique curriculums is diversity. I purpose to introduce the entire fundamental fields such as drama, physical exercise, and social studies because children need to grow up as all rounded individuals. Most curriculums I have seen focus on the mainstream field such as science, languages, and arithmetic. First, I start by investigating the beneficiaries of the early education program. After collecting important data such as demographic backgrounds, level of exposure to academic tools and other important statistics, I can design a curriculum that seeks to overcome family, institutional, and individual challenges. My implementation process involves creating deliverables from the curriculum document and ensuring these deliverables are met. Lastly, I conduct an evaluation of the curriculum by observing its effect on the children I teach in kindergarten.

Since the number of children in most of my classes is usually small, I tend to develop curriculums that are all-inclusive in nature. With students between 1 and 20, it is relatively easy to create detailed portfolios outlining their strengths and weaknesses as well as their levels of intelligence. From such records, I create learning objectives that can be amalgamated to form elements that are included in the curriculum. By building on the information already possessed, I develop learning material that enhances their prior knowledge rather than opposing it. I have realized that teaching using this approach simplifies the learning process significantly. My students can enjoy and participate fully in the classroom without struggling to grasp new styles or concepts.

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