Child support is an important aspect of academic development for kindergarten students. I hold the perspective that successful early childhood development requires an inclusive approach that offers the child support from all circles. The most important people in a child’s life include the parents or guardians, teachers and friends. My assessment activity for children seeks to bring out their extent of learning and growth. It also exposes any potential problems that act as obstacles towards realizing a comprehensive learning experience. By evaluating their progress and skills, I can collect detailed information that is useful for several purposes. On several occasions, the assessment processes have exposed children that have problems with their families and their peers. These problems have had a negative effect on their academic growth. Consequently, I was able to isolate the problem in each case an offer a suitable solution. My approach towards creating assessment partnerships involves meeting up with all the parents of my students during official open days. I always ensure that all the parents are fully aware of their role in evaluating the progress of their children. I recommend different methods that can be used in their homes setting such as regularly supervising their homework and accompanying them to school. Within the same forums, I also collect feedback about the children to discover any discrepancies that exist in the home setting.

Collecting and storing records of these assessment and observation activities is a tedious and complicated task. Consequently, I have employed my computer skills and resources to facilitate the task. I stored and processed all my records using the Microsoft Word program. All of the calculations, bar graphs, and charts were computed in Microsoft Excel. Complex information about the students and their unique characteristics were processed as databases in Microsoft Access. Most of the research was conducted on the Internet using online libraries.

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