Within the classroom setting, I have learnt that the children’s needs and characteristics evolve with age. Indeed, as they grow older, the children in my classroom start to display aspects of increased mental and physical capacity. Using a combination of knowledge acquired from different experiences, I made note of different trends and used them for evaluation purposes. Some of the changes that I made to compensate for the growth in the young students include redecorating the classroom and changing the color, furniture, and illustrations. The order of elements in the rooms also changes to a more organized one. Through research and previous experience, I have discovered that the playing environment is a major part of development for pre-school children. Consequently, in conjunction with the rest of the department, I have installed diverse, safe, and interesting games and playing objects for the children. With the proper and sufficient playtime, I predict increased cognitive and physical activity that is both beneficial in a child’s development.

In the course of teaching young children, I have discovered that multiple influences work in harmony to contribute towards the learning and development of children. In my classroom, I strive to create effective environments where the children can experience a sense of safety and nurture. I value each of the children I am responsible for in a unique way since all of them are different. Throughout their academic and recreational activities, the goal is to award recognition, attention, and affection. I developed several ways to realize these three targets including awarding stars for any extra effort, pacifying distressed children and ensuring all of them have a positive self-esteem. I have had foreign children from different cultures such as Chinese and even African. Such children are given culturally appropriate treatment that makes them feel comfortable and accepted. One unique approach towards showing support has been to facilitate internal conflict resolution efforts. This and other activities have promoted the development of a supportive and challenging learning setting.

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