The Appraisal System in Cleveland Clinic

The Appraisal System in Cleveland Clinic











The Appraisal System in Cleveland Clinic

Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                                                                            3

Key Research Questions, Objectives and Aims                                                                     3

Literature Review                                                                                                                   4

Methodology                                                                                                                          5

Data Analysis                                                                                                                          5

Discussions and Conclusions                                                                                                  6

Recommendations                                                                                                                  8

References                                                                                                                              10

Appendix                                                                                                                                11



The significance of the appraisal system helps determine the top quality management practices and strategies used with evaluation of the performance of its workforce. The study of the appraisal system of the clinic is very important with its effectiveness in the United Arab Emirates as also used in the United States. This is relevant in obtaining increased productivity and performance of the organization. The study contains a comprehensive analysis of the methodology used in obtaining data and information of the appraisal system, its analysis, points of discussions and considerations with the relevant recommendations as regards the whole process. This is also centered on Abu Dhabi representative of the clinic.

This study helps highlight the need for career development of the employees of an organization. Cleveland Clinic is a medical centre of multispecialty academic basis that is regarded as one of the top most hospitals in the United States. It has branches in the United Arab Emirates. It was established in the year 1921 with the purpose of research, providing patient care and medical education. It was started by four physicians. The clinic has a unified mechanism of determining the job performance of each employee. This is further documented and evaluated according to the set standards by the management.

Key Research Questions, Objectives and Aims

The key research questions that will guide the study include, what are the evaluation mechanisms of the organization? What is the period of the assessment? What are the factors that determine the length of service in the organization and remuneration package? The aims and objectives of the research report are towards the performance management of the clinic the implementation process and their effectiveness. These include determining satisfactory levels of performance and their maintenance, gathering adequate information of the growth and development of the employees within the clinic, and understanding the level of standard procedures in matters concerning compensation, termination, evaluation and promotion. The report also seeks to understand the satisfactory levels of the employees in the working environment of the clinic, their communication channels and response towards the management.

Literature Review

In the study of appraisal systems, various sources within the management field will be used to analyze strategies, effective mechanisms, detailed performance evaluations and the potential benefits to an organization that they present. The effectiveness of performance appraisals are based on the execution of the process. According to Lawler (Lawler 2012, p.11), criticism of the process is levied on poor execution. The management of the process and system is reliant on design, business strategy and organizational setting. The leadership of the organization is tasked with ensuring of the ownership and success of the performance appraisals and management systems. Competency models are used while the accountability of the process lies squarely on the appraisal managers. This is geared at managing the organization’s talent, developing the growth of the employees while ensuring maximum productivity service delivery.

In managing of the behavior from the employees, the performance management and appraisal of an organization is critical (DeNisi 2013, p. 6). The process has multiple purposes that are dependent on the management of the organization according to its set objectives and aims. The ultimate purpose lies on performance improvement. The concepts and models applied are usually of use to any situation where the importance is gauged on the effectiveness of the assessment (Drucker, P. & Marciariello 2008, p. 9). From the information gathered by the management of the appraisal system, effective application of mechanisms to the employees represents the biggest hurdle. How the organizations respond to these determines the overall effectiveness.


Methods of obtaining data from the clinic included using of questionnaires administered to some of the employees as a survey tool. The questionnaires were not mandatory but were utilized with the acceptance from the respondents at will. The questionnaires captured the overall opinion and appraisal mechanisms used in the Clinic. Cleveland Clinic is well renowned for its service delivery on health care, treatment, research and medical education in the world all over. The Clinic has employed thousand of workers all over the world. In Abu Dhabi, the workforce consists of the management, subordinate staff that is under various medical categories of operations and functionality.

Data analysis

  Executive Middle-management Sub-ordinate Length of service <10years Length of service >10years Average Pay in service of <10years ($) Average Pay in service of >10years ($) Employee Termination
Male 4 12 56 33 29 1500 2000 12
Female 2 8 46 21 35 1500 2000 10


According to the statistics from the clinic, the ratio of male to female employees was relatively equal. The number of workers who had worked in the organization for a period of ten years and above seemed to get favorably higher pay as compared to the employees who had worked for less than ten years in the organization. The organization seemed to retain the services of the employees longer while the ratio of termination is quite law. The increasing number of employees over the years in terms of additional numbers proves that the management conducts a friendly working environment for the employees.

The organization has terminated the employment of 22 employees within the duration of employment with the male numbers at 12, while the female numbers at 10. The organizational hierarchy also provides statistics on the levels of promotion within the workforce. The order of hierarchy begins from the top executive arm of the decision makers and management of the organization. They are followed by the middle management and closely by the subordinate staff members. The length of service of the employees depicts the suitability in the organization’s deployment tenure and remuneration efforts achieved based on the ten-year period and above.

Discussion and Conclusion

            The Cleveland clinic Organization is a well-structured organization with the employee environment favorable for the employees to flourish. According to the statistics gained from the questionnaires, the company engages in the promotion, termination, training and retention of the employees based on their performance evaluations. The aim of the appraisals by the organization depends on the organizational objectives and mandate of the executive management. Evaluation is carried out after every six months of active duty by the employees in various departments of service delivery. This translates to the effective changes handled across the executive, the middle management and the sub-ordinate members.

From the questionnaires obtained, majority of the workers are comfortable with the systems put in place by the organization towards heir evaluation. The organization undertakes alternative skills training objectives in view of improving the performance levels of the employees without necessarily terminating their roles. Termination of employees is based on misconduct and misappropriation of the organization’s rules and regulations. The disparity in gender roles from the management to the sub-ordinate category of workers is minimal, as the ratios seem evenly matched. This includes the length of the service period both greater and less than ten years for both genders.

The organization has objectives aimed at improvement of the service delivery to its patients in the health care systems. Promotion of the employees is based on merit according to the responses received from the questionnaires used during the data collection process. There is effective communication between the management and employees of Cleveland Clinic in the United Arab Emirates. The strategic management of evaluation and assessment is carried out by the organization’s management body, which reviews the objectives and sets targets according to the previous year’s performance and results of the operations. This is also documented and stored for reference and considerations.

Appraisals and performance management of an organization includes the activities aimed at ensuring the goals of an organization are met within the stipulated time. The systematic process uses periods of assessment on an individual employee’s performance on the job and relative productivity. It includes three methods, personnel, objective production and evaluation through judgment. The process involves the use of resources of the organization in aligning the functions towards achieving the highest standards possible. Some applications of the appraisals are geared to compensate, promote, terminate, validate and improve the performance of the employees depending on the skills, job description, service length in the organization and abilities.

The possible benefits from effective and efficient performance appraisal are numerous. This helps in effective communication between the employees and the management of the organization. Employees become focused especially with the possible promotion of the posts and better remuneration on offer. There is increased productivity and service delivery within the organization due to the evaluation and decision making outcomes. This also helps the organization determine the training needs of its employees as it helps them in development of their careers. There is reinforced desire of performance of all the employees according to the goals set, objectives and aims of the organization.


            In order for Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi to increase its organizational efficiency and effectiveness, the organization needs to increase the amount of resources towards the training and developing of the employees with lower skills in handling of the new technology. The organization also is required to undertake the use of internship on the aspiring members of the employee market. This will enhance a smooth transition into the retention of the services and skills gained through the active training before being fully absorbed into the organization’s roster. The organization should also increase the workforce to meet the rising demand by the patients.

The organization should be wary of subjective evaluation within a limited time. The employees should be encouraged to be evaluated on a year basis. The organization should also put a positive front in terms of the evaluation process since most workers have a negative perception towards the exercise (Aguinis 2009, p. 16). They often think it is a means to eliminating them from their jobs. The organization should allocate funds and resources towards activities that encourage teamwork like team building and team bonding expeditions. This should include all members of the workforce and management to encourage cooperation and better productivity (Arthur 2008, p. 21).



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Lawler, E 2012, What Makes Performance Appraisals Effective? SAGE, Los Angeles, CA.









Length of Service in the Organization:


  1. How long does the evaluation of your position take?
  2. Do you prefer the evaluation done by management?
  3. What are the benefits of the evaluation in your opinion?
  4. Have you been promoted or demoted as a result?
  5. Have you done any training to improve your skills in your job description?
  6. Does your pay warrant the job description?
  7. What is the communication channel between you and the management?
  8. Are there improvements that can be effected towards the appraisal performance?
  9. What are the ways you would suggest to improve performance for the organization?


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