The Arab Spring and violence in Syria can be traced to both political ideologies





The Arab Spring and violence in Syria can be traced to both political ideologies. The conflicts evident in Syria between the rebels and Al Assad’s military are engineered by political affiliations to the Western and Eastern superpowers. The Syrian rebels can be linked to Western efforts to bring about presumed democracy and change in Syria, whereas Al Assad’s retaliation can be traced to the communist Russia and its efforts to support Syria to resist western influences. Israel’s relationship to the West has been drawn contempt from some Arab countries such as Iran and Syria and resulting in widespread conflicts as evident in the Syrian civil war and the ongoing onslaught by terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas in presumably defending the values of Muslims and their respective countries (Miodownik and Barak 23).

Politics is a primary factor as opposed to religion given that it forms the basis of uniting ideologies and ambitions for leaders in the Western and Arab countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Egypt. The Western countries rely on these allies to enable them to gain control and influence in these oil-rich countries for economical and security reasons. Religion is not a factor given that countries such as Saudi Arabia, which is the homeland and origin of Islam would not have established a relationship with the United States and Israel because of their intense differences deeply rooted in religion. However, due to shared political, economical, and social ideologies, such states are able to establish relations that provide benefits on varied levels (Miodownik and Barak 47).

Thus, the political ideologies are formed on the lines of liberalism that opposes communist thinking as evident in the relationships amongst countries such as Iran, China, Russia, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria’s current regime in opposing Western influences. I selected this issue because it has been responsible for the polarization of countries based sects, religion and political affiliations and ideologies resulting in the emergence of lethal terror organizations such as the ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.


















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