The Benefits of Preschool Education


The Benefits of Preschool Education




The Benefits of Preschool Education

Children undergo critical stages of development in their early years and high quality; consistent early childhood education can result in long-lasting valuable effects on the child’s development into adulthood. The utmost significance of choosing a preschool is locating and identifying their qualities such as where a child is cared for and loved. Letting a child attend the same preschool curriculum during his or her early years allows the child to build up relationships with other children and adults in that environment, which offers them a sense of security. Being comfortable n a given environment enables children to participate more in learning activities and develop advanced cooperate play including participating in games with rules and abiding by them, role playing and playing with other children in achieving their set goals. Thereby, preschool is essential for emotional and social development (UNESCO, 2012).

Regularity in the preschool curriculum is more likely to affect a child’s cognitive development (UNESCO, 2012). First-rate early childhood development curricula that grant developmentally appropriate programs, equip children with the abilities to build up specific cognitive skills at the proper age. Through a developmental continuum, children develop cognitive skills in which it utilizes the child’s pre-existing knowledge in acquiring more understanding and develop new skills. Additionally, the curriculum programs ensure that the integrated developmental objectives guarantee that children follow a sequence and scope of age-suitable developmental milestones all through their involvement in the program. Language development is a rapid process that occurs in children between the ages of one to five. Preschool offers children with the most suitable environment that they are most comfortable in and they are more likely to engage frequently in age-appropriate conversations (UNESCO, 2012). Constant interactions with other preschoolers enable them to advance their language skills by supporting conversational skills and vocabulary development.



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