The BlueGreen Alliance: A New Way of Thinking for Sustainability



The BlueGreen Alliance: A New Way of Thinking for Sustainability




The BlueGreen Alliance: A New Way of Thinking for Sustainability

  1. Is the BlueGreen Alliance a partnership of convenience, or do you think it has the potential to move into a new way of approaching sustainability, with limits, interdependence, and equity?

The BlueGreen Alliance is an organization comprised of labor unions and environmental organizations aimed at resolving the looming ecological crisis and challenges. It incorporates the mentioned parties as a way of creating solutions that set up and maintain quality jobs, builds a stronger, and fairer economy while at the same time ensuring that the environment is protected (BlueGreen Alliance, 2016). The BlueGreen Alliance cannot be termed as a partnership of convenience seeing as climate change, environmental degradation, and unemployment hold a lot of weight in the daily operations and regulation of human activities (BlueGreen Alliance, 2016). It is the responsibility of all individuals in the world to partner to salvage the deteriorating state of the environment.

The alliance fosters sustainability, with limits, interdependence, and equity from its core foundation and objectives. First and foremost, the Alliance is dedicated to providing clean jobs for all the employees in the country and eventually the globe on a large scale. Clean or green jobs offer quality and are environmentally-sensitive while at the same time mindful of the workers’ and the environment’s health. Hence, the partnership is a way to motivate people to invest in clean energy sources which will, in turn, create the jobs, reduce global warming while at the same offering safe working and living atmosphere for all (Jossi, 2013). Moreover, the Alliance employs innovative means and collaboration with partners from across different sectors represented by the labor unions to forge a sustainable path that creates the ideal environment by averting an existential employment crisis.

Moreover, sustainability, interdependence, limits, and equity are achieved by the efforts invested by the Alliance and other players at repairing the American infrastructure holistically. The coalition ensures that the infrastructure repair and construction in the United States is in line with its objectives of reducing carbon and methane emissions, and enhancing the use of clean energy and machines in industries and at home (Rathzel & Uzzell, 2012). The factors create sustainability through the conception of businesses that thrive in a fair and clean economy with universal standards raised above the current ones. Therefore, the BlueGreen Alliance not only advocates for clean energy and jobs but strives to ensure that workers and consumers exist in a healthy and safe environment.

  1. The right trade policies, in a union view, may mean protectionist measures to build jobs. Do you think such a policy could fit into a sustainable approach?

Protectionism is an economic policy that involves restraining trade between states through a variety of government regulations to protect, producers, workers, and consumers from malicious foreign investors (Fletcher & Luttwak, 2011). Right trade policies have been applied by the government to protect domestic interests, and in most cases, they are termed as protectionist as they are in a bid to employ some sense of control (Lombardozzi, 2011). Moreover, trade policies tend to be geared at creating sustainable job opportunities for residents and guaranteeing that the employees are protected in accordance with the set guidelines. Protectionist trade policies are likely to fit in with the sustainability approach for they set the threshold that all companies ought to meet in their daily activities. It will ensure that all businesses and industry trying to establish themselves have to adhere to the set clean energy and jobs standards universally acceptable in any country. Consequently, it will create an unbreakable chain of environmentally adherent businesses that create quality jobs that operate within the stipulated health and trade standards for all parties involved (European Commission, 2006). While protectionist trade policies may seem unattainable and unreasonable, they are effective in creating long term and sustainable patterns that craft a culture of environmentally conscious and sensitive business climates in any setting.



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