The Counselor As A Person And As A Professional

Countertransference is anything that brings about a distortion in the way therapists perceive and respond to clients. It becomes a problem for clinicians when delivering services to clients especially when it reduces the capacity of the clinicians to perform in a professional way. It becomes a problem when clinicians respond in a rather highly defensive way towards the clients as well as losing objectivity because of their unsolved conflicts. It also becomes a problem when therapists develop romantic and sexual feelings for their customers and when clinicians develop desires for social relationships with clients. To deal with the countertransference at a personal level, I may create a boundary between the clients as it will help reduce the effects of countertransference and also going for therapy sessions to help solve such a problem.

Promoting client dependence becomes an ethical issue when it leads to some undesired phenomenon in the therapeutic relationship. It also becomes an ethical issue when standard practices of engagement between a counselor and a client broken.  An example of fostering client dependency is collusion of the counselors with their clients in trying to make them dependent. It can also occur when the client, may no longer need the treatment but termination of the relationship between the client and the counselor is delayed.

An impaired therapist is a counselor who may be suffering from chronic illnesses or to some extent experiencing a psychological depletion that is a condition that is most likely to affect their performance as a therapist. The condition may prevent effective service delivery to clients and consequently performing below the set standards for the therapists.

Self-care is the urge and practice of clinicians to maintain their selves in terms of psychological and physical well-being. This condition enables them to deliver services and perform as per the needs of their clients. Self-care is an ethical issue because personal vitality is a pre-requisite to functioning in a professional role as a therapist. Self-care improves the health and dispensation of services by a therapist. Self-care is, therefore, a mandatory ethical requirement.

















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