The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy

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The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing strategies are usually holistic as they incorporate various aspects of the organization in order to accomplish their set goals. This is evident in Dole, a company that deals with vegetables and fruits, fresh and packaged. Among the marketing strategies evident in the company is the B2B marketing strategy that is applied in the manufacturing process. Primarily, the B2B strategy requires identifying a need such as a business opportunity. This is followed by the organization inviting companies to design tenders through a proposal process. A process of analyzing, selection, and negotiation is carried out upon the company that meets the main organization’s standards. Dole refers to this tender selection as the business-to-business buying process.

Another marketing strategy that is noted at Dole is having a consultative organizational culture in which decisions are made from results of a given team’s analysis. Normally, the credibility of the chosen company is verified by Dole’s representatives. Dole requires the chosen company to operate strictly under Dole’s specifications and conditions. The business-to-business buying process portrayed involves selection of a vendor who and re-buys where a vendor with good performance is referred for other contracts. We are made to understand that this process allows shorter processing times.

The strategies implemented above have become effective for Dole. This is because they are able to make improvements their processes through customer feedbacks, creation of credible partnerships with vendors, and the uniform structure helps prevent wastage, lapses in communication of time, and compromise in quality by the vendors. In addition, the usage of different communication means with vendors and using three to four vendors thus avoiding monopoly ensures continued competition. This consequently leads to high quality performance by the vendors. Dole’s strategies are therefore applied for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing, and quality control.



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