The Electoral College within our Political System





The Electoral College within our Political System

            The Electoral College within the political system of the US is usually a selection of people directly selected by voters for each state to choose the president and his vice president. Every state is given electoral votes according to the number of members it has in the House of Representatives and the senate. The candidate must therefore win 270 out of 538 seats in the Electoral College in order to become president. However, the issue that has always taken centre stage in debates about the Electoral College is whether to let the popular vote, not the Electoral College vote for the next president.

The protagonists of an Electoral College system have always argued that the system favors small states since every state, even the small ones, has electors equal to their members in congress. The Electoral College also ensures that there is relative stability in the party system since, without it, many individuals would vie for the presidency using different parties. Alternatively, the antagonists say it is outdated, that it gives comparatively small states undue advantage over their larger counterparts, and that the system contravenes the one person-one vote that symbolizes a democracy.

It is essential to note that the system as it is has more advantages than disadvantages. Though the Electoral College might be unfair to larger states, it also gives smaller states equal representation. One crucial fact that can be observed with the Electoral College is its consistency. It has diverged from the popular vote only three times since its inception. This means that it represents the views of the majority and when combined with its other advantages, is a more effective way of electing the president.

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