Theories of Culture

Theories of Culture













Theories of Culture

Part 1

                        The gender and culture feminist theory provides an important platform for establishing a shared women’s identity by exploring the things that make them similar. In fact the virtues involved explain the essential differences between the male and female gender. They lay an emphasis on the “nature” of men and women. It is a vital explanation of the behavior of women in the society.

Part 2

                        Cultural feminist theory asserts that women have certain biological traits that make them unique in comparison to their male counterparts. For example, women are inherently kind, caring and loving. These attitudes are in stark contrast to men who are generally aggressive. Women are also likely to opt for cooperation rather than confrontation when faced with a challenge from another party. Womanhood is associated with a nurturing spirit whereby the female gender shows genuine concern for the growth and development of other people in the community. This general perception is linked to women of all races, ages, sizes and social backgrounds (Robinson, 27). This perception enables them exhibit egalitarianism in their approach to things such as business and politics because women value people from all walks of life and desire equal treatment of all human beings. The theory also explores the characteristics of male behavior such as aggressiveness, domination and competitiveness and rebukes them as harmful to societal well-being. Cultural feminists believe that women are born as a “kind lot” and easily empathize unlike men who are quick to show hostility. Different media portrayals of women reinforce these beliefs. For instance, female movie characters are assigned roles which capitalize on their “soft” nature. They are quick to sympathize, love and care for others irrespective of the racial background of such characters. Similar media platforms fuel this perception. Cultural feminists therefore argue that women have a different approach to world issues as compared to men. Their methodology is superior to that of the male gender and should be adopted as the new normal. The essence of womanhood values relationships and peace (Sheinin, 31). This gives them an edge over men in leadership roles because that would have a positive contribution to the society. For example, it would lessen conflicts across the globe. It therefore advocates for equal treatment of sexes at the workplace, reduction in overvaluing of men, respecting “female” values such as care and creating safe spaces for women in form of women shelters and rape crisis centers.

Part 3

                        Dave Sheinin’s 27th January 2016 Washington Post article discusses the success of women empowerment in the business and entertainment arena. He opines that young people have embraced individual freedom and more women are gaining acceptance in male dominated fields. There is a wave of recognition of the female attributes of care which Dave acknowledges has made them rise to positions of influence in the world. Heather Robinson’s June 8, 2017 New York Post article emphasizes that the movie Wonder Woman uses a female lead character that revolutionizes the super hero mentality people commonly associate with men. It asserts that women have better leadership skills. Their compassion is a positive contributor to conflict resolution and their determination for a just society is desirable (Robinson, 27). This article reinforces the notion that such actions endear women even to men and these qualities are a source of strength for the women’s rights movement. It also notes that the movie’s success at the box office and critical acclaim is a confirmation of the need for greater inclusion of women in global affairs.




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