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Waste Management Holdings Incorporated

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Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated

Executive Summary

The purpose of this business plan is to chart out the way forward for Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated by reflecting on its current position in the marketplace. In order to maintain its position as a market leader, our consultancy group, come up with three major goals that this waste management company should strive to achieve. The business plan gives corresponding recommendations on the concrete steps that should be taken to fulfill these objectives. It also highlights its current product offerings, the state of the industry and the strategies the company employs.

Products and Services

Headquartered in Houston Texas, the company is the leading service provider of comprehensive waste management. Its core services involve collection, transportation, disposal of waste materials from both industrial and municipal customers to our landfill facilities. Due to our increased environmental awareness, the firm has diversified its offering to include recycling and resource recovery. The company is devolved into subsidiaries servicing distinct geographical locations. Through these subsidiaries, it has been the frontrunners in development and operation of landfill methane to energy facilities, Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., in the United States. As it accounted for less than 1% of the company’s annual revenue, it was sold in December 2014. The sale was aimed to augment focus on the traditional Solid Waste industry supplemented by income from recycling activities. The company aims to reduce the waste at every stage of collection. It follows that it uses technologically advanced sorting machines. This has increased the sustainability of landfills, as they take longer to exhaust their capacities. Hazardous materials and construction waste materials are collected separately.

Mission Statement

Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated aims to be of service to the environment, communities, the customers, stakeholders, and employees who constitute its workspace. Achievement of its objectives is aimed towards meeting the needs of this dynamic industry. It aspires to minimize waste and maximize value through emphasis on green strategies.

Market Analysis

The plunge in industrial and construction activities during the recession has resulted in waste collection services plummeting. A stronger economy will activate consumer spending and increase building activity. Subsequently, demand for the company’s services will increase. The industry has matured boasting of growth in industry value added, contribution to the GDP, at an average of 1.8% annually for the next ten years. The cost of gas has dropped substantially balancing off the effects of a weak economy by reducing vehicle maintenance costs. Industry players have switched to the much-welcomed fleets that utilize compressed natural gas. Together with liquefied natural gas powered vehicles, the fleets have quieter engines and produce lower emissions hence more environment friendly.

Higher volumes of paper, steel, and plastic were recycled in a bid to maximize the high revenue they are providing. Private waste collection company control the pricing of services as such they have increased the fees by 3% to absorb the increasing costs. Sixty one percent of the industries revenues come from waste collection, 11% of the revenue was derived from transportation, recycling, and waste processing. The company together with its main competitor Republic Services accounted for 61% of the industry’s total revenue. The private sector dominates the industry with the municipal sector controlling only 22 percent. There has been increased investment in conversion technologies owing to higher landfill disposal cost and increased oil prices. Apart from the traditional land-fill- to- gas energy and mass burning, strategic investors, with WM holdings at the core, are experimenting on the most economically viable technique among the other exotic methods. These methods are pyrolysis, hydrolysis, and gasification.

Strategy and Implementation

The first strategy is reducing waste, which is implemented by encouraging manufacturers to design products with recyclability in mind. The consumers should test the claim of packages of being recyclable and seize to buy the ones that prove to employ false publicity. WM holdings have an online site that directs its customers on how to meet their zero- waste- to-land fill goals.

The second strategy employed by the company is extracting value from organics. The organic waste collected is used to create composite and other soil amendment materials. The organic material is also used to produce renewable bio-energy. Workforce safety should also be considered when attempting to implement strategies. At Waste Management, employee safety is the given high priority. The safety measures taken include video event recorders at collection sites, thorough training, and standardized rulebooks. Another crucial strategy that complements implementation of all the others is engaging with the community. They work as an equal partner in making our environment safer. To them business is personal.

Goals and Recommendations

Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated is a very effective company with sustainability strategies on waste reduction. They have community engagements aimed towards charity as a way being socially responsible. They carry out public awareness campaigns on the importance of living green and adopting recycling techniques. Their great feats cannot be understated. Ranging from the use of pyrolysis to recycle plastics into low sulphur diesel fuels, mining landfills for overlooked valuables and use of methane to feed their generators saving costs used on energy. The technological advancements have reduced the total amount of waste ending up in waste fills. Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated’s diligence and work ethic has propelled them to be a market leader in the waste management industry. Their strength has often been identifying future problems and investing in potential solutions. At this stage, the key to maintaining their market position is increasing efficiency in their operations. Nonetheless, in our consultation group we have identified key goals that should be incorporated into Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated’s larger sustainability strategies.


  1. a) The first goal is the purchase of expansion real estate. The capacity of landfills is bound to exhausted with time regardless the efforts by the Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated as such efforts to purchase new land are often tedious and technical considering the amount of government regulations imposed on this industry. As such, the company should invest in lawyers and legislators to emphasis on the value of cooperation with the said companies. The regulations become stricter owing to the burgeoning population that will require optimizing any viable land for economic purposes. Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated should aim to purchase lands that have been neglected, as they hold no economical value. The best example of such lands is abandoned mines. These lands have been deprived of their aesthetic beauty and have no use to the ordinary citizen as they have cordoned off as risk areas. Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated should investigate the dynamics of such lands that is whether they can be reclaimed for use as a landfill site. Sensitive dynamics that may rule out qualification of an abandoned mine as a suitable site for a new landfill location may be proximity to a water body. Leveraging these sites has intrinsic value, as it will reduce costs drastically. Firstly, they are often in locations that are scarcely populated hence no confrontation from citizens claiming desecration of their communal life. Secondly, the respective government administration is bound to sell it at a cheaper price without the usual legal constraints. Thirdly, there will be minimal excavation costs, as Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated will only have to modify the landscape it fit its specifications. By reclaiming this derelict land, Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated will be fulfilling its social responsibility by this mere act.


  1. b) The second goal should be to come up with an extensive syllabus on waste management that will be taught as an exclusive course in higher institutions of learning. Often the only means of finding in depth knowledge on this crucial aspect on modern life is by accessing business plans of companies in the waste management industry. In schools, it is taught as a minor unit on environmental sustainability rather than an independent discipline. Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated should lobby for legislations that will liberate this course to be a bachelor degree course on its own right rather than a unit of environmental management. Subsequently, the firm should create incentives for students to pursue the course by establishing attractive salaries for its graduates. There should be ready internships for the undergraduates to give them real life experience. Diligent workers should be identified and hired before the competition recognizes their value. Supporting this enactment of this course is a strategic effort targeted towards producing a quality workforce. The workforce will specialize in the different technical aspects of waste management like dealing with toxic materials and operating the technological equipments relevant to this industry. The said students could be involved in research projects on waste reduction techniques. Owing to their singular focus, they will be best suited to come up with innovative solutions that will transform waste management, as we know it. This step is critical to increasing efficiency in operations. Due to Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated’s vast experience as a market leader, it should collaborate with the government and start workshops both locally and globally on waste management.


  1. c) Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated should strive find innovative ways to use landfill. The construction industry is a very notorious for contributing a considerable share of the mainstream waste that ends up in the landfills. Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated should pressure the construction industry to recycle its material by crushing the uncontaminated remnants to make new concrete this will lessen their overall costs and prevent the material from heading to landfills. Nevertheless, the materials that reach the Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated’s landfills should utilize the construction materials that reach their sites to make Eco blocks. The Eco blocks save on further degradation of the environment as they are created by compression. Bricks on the other hand deplete coal resources when being manufactured. Using the said materials in creating of Ecko blocks will reduce landfills substantially. Waste Management Holdings, Incorporated having acquired new technology and techniques of waste reduction should revisit their old landfills that they deemed to have reached their capacity. This is mainly because they have not optimized the value of the wastes there. The pyrolysis and landfill mining techniques are relatively recent innovations that should be used to rectify past shortcoming. The economical viability of employing this strategy is that they may save on costs that would have been used to establish new facilities as they can re-use them. The wastes recycled also have innate fiscal value.


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