Why Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Illegalized: A Persuasive Speech Outline

Why Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Illegalized: A Persuasive Speech Outline


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GENERAL PURPOSE:         In general, I want to talk about the use of cell phones while driving.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE:           Specifically, I want to argue why their use on roads should be illegalized.

CENTRAL IDEA:                  The use of cell phones while driving leads to an increase in the number of avoidable accidents (Tedesco, 2014). Therefore, there is a need to illegalize this behavior.


  1. Driving requires maximum concentration from the drivers; hence, they cannot manage to engage in diversionary activities such as handling their mobile phones.
  2. Failure to observe traffic rules is dangerous, and one factor which contributes to this disregard is use of cell phones.
  • Lack of the self-regulation element during the exchange of calls is also a major cause of traffic mistakes.


  1. It is advisable for drivers to desist from engaging in activities that limit their concentration; including use of handsets.
  2. Driving while making calls is equivalent to multitasking. During this situation, it is difficult for a driver to perform both tasks efficiently.
  3. Other drivers opt to use hands-free mode which has been established to endanger the lives of people (Ontario Ministry of Transportation, 2015).
  4. Use of phones also contributes to disregard of road signage and other traffic rules.
  5. Calls are a distraction from one’s surrounding and they make it difficult for a driver to notice vital traffic signs.
  6. Strayer & Drew (2007) argued that failure to observe the road environment is a possible cause of road accidents.
  • Also, calls require intensive cognitive demands which limit the adequacy of self-regulation.
  1. Calls demand extreme straining for a driver to retain concentration on the road.
  2. They also deprive a driver the ability to read the moods of other passengers and achieve self-regulation.


  1. It is clear that use of cell phones while driving promotes the following hazardous behaviors:
  2. Lack of concentration.
  3. Disregard of road signage.
  4. Lack of self-regulation.
  5. To prevent the possibility of drivers engaging in such perilous behaviors, it is imperative that laws are enacted to illegalize the use of cell phones while driving.









Ontario Ministry of Transportation. (2015). Distracted Driving. September 2, 2015. Web.

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