Workshop Evaluation Report





Workshop Evaluation Report


The paper starts with an adequate heading to provide an account of the discussion that is in the paper. The last paragraph is short and should adhere to the five-sentence rule in developing a logical structure for the essay. The thesis statement is adequate despite the grammatical errors present. Double spacing the paper is appropriate and effective such that the wordings are legible and clear.


The essay uses the adequate supporting despite the lack of adherence to rules of citing direct quotes from the speech of Luther King. The use of quotation marks is done correctly despite lack of in-text citations in some of the sentences for direct quotes used from the speech by Luther King.


The comma used in the first paragraph is placed wrongly. It should follow after “August 28th 1963”, rather than “On August 28th”. The word “hear” is spelt wrongly using “here” in its place. In addition, other spelling mistakes present in the first paragraph include the lack of “and” in the first sentence between “historical” and “compelling”, the use of “know” rather than “known”. The term “better” is comparative and has been used inappropriately.

The term “affectively” has been used incorrectly instead of using the verb “effectively”. The essay fails to use commas correctly in separation of phrases in logical sentences. Lack of “as” in the first sentence of the third paragraph. The failure to illustrate possessiveness in the first sentence is evident. The sentence is not logical and the word “appeals” should be used after “logical”.


The essay used in-text citations sparingly and lacks a bibliography to indicate the source of information used. The writer should quote and cite the source of the information provided on Martin Luther King’s speech to avoid plagiarism.

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