Choose a project involving an IT requirement with multiple tasks and human resources.

Choose a project involving an IT requirement with multiple tasks and human resources. This project must come from a business situation–for example, hardware procurement and installation, network acquisition, implementation, or expansion–in which each Learning Team member contributes background details.

Submit the following components of the overall assignment by the due dates indicated:

This is a consolidated source of information which lays the foundation for successful completion of any project by identifying your project vision and communicating the overall approach for a project to all key stakeholder audiences.

The charter will contain the following:

  • Background of the organization and any information or statement of needs that helps explain how the project came to be
  • Goals and objectives of the project in language that is both concise and explanatory
  • Project scope delineated so that all parties involved are aware of what the project includes as well as what it does not
  • List tasks, completion dates and person assigned to.
  • Budgetary limitations

Write 2 to 3 pages on your findings.

This must be a MS Word document.

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