Diabetes (Human Physiology)

guidelines for the optional review/research paper
BIO 323 Human Physiology
Fall 2017

The primary purpose for a research/review paper is to give you experience in the preparation of a scientific paper based on your library research work. The topic can be anything related to physiology: human, vertebrate, invertebrate, etc. ½ of your paper will be background information on your topic including basic physiological mechanisms while the other half will address current research (within the last 8 years) that has addressed these physiological mechanisms. Papers must be at least 6 double-spaced pages long.

The format is as follows:

1) The title page shall have the title, your name, course number and the date submitted;

2) The first half of the paper should be a mini literature review of your chosen topic and the last half should be a review of more current literature on the topic. The more current literature review should focus on studies addressing the specifics of or altering the physiological mechanisms of the disease/disorder/topic and how these have affected treatments, etc.

3) All pages double spaced, and pages numbered;

4) Properly cite articles, etc. Use CBE style of citations. DO NOT USE QUOTED MATERIAL. Paraphrase instead

5) To cite a reference with 3 or more authors, for ex. "Lewis et al. (1994) found adenyl cyclase is activated by prostaglandins," use the Latin et al. = and others;

6) Conclude the paper with a summary paragraph at the end, which briefly describes the main concepts of your paper;

7) Make an alphabetic listing by the author’s name of all Literature Cited. The literature cited includes only those publications (books and articles) which were specifically mentioned in the body of your paper, for ex.: Wertheimer, K. L. 1993. Studies on the vitelline membrane structure in collembola. Science 39: 278-294.

Each paper must have a minimum of 10 references cited. Some of these references must be from peer-reviewed journal articles (minimum of 7). The remaining can be from textbooks, etc. Turn in a paper copy as well as an electronic version (MS Word format) to

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