ANSWER Three QUESTIONS IN PART I(3 questions add up together should be 2 pages) ; AND two QUESTION IN PART II.(1page for each question)
Your answers should be based upon the readings, lecture material and other content presented in the course. Be sure to include specific examples and define key economic theories, relationships, concepts and terms relevant to the question. Diagrams expected where appropriate. you do not need to make reference, but make sure to use my lecture notes and course readings I have provided. Thank you! Also, I will upload a course syllabus so that you know what are the readings.

PART I – Answer Three of the following questions (15 marks each).
1. In what ways might human behavioral responses influence, or be influenced by, economic conditions? Discuss in the context of a Malthusian demographic model as well as other theories of human behavior discussed in the course.

2. What is behind the refugee crisis in the Middle East? Discuss in the context of the theories and other content studied in this course.

3. What factors are thought to explain declining mortality and fertility in the context of the demographic transition framework? Provide examples from the readings, case studies and other evidence we have covered in the course to date.

4. What drives human trafficking in the modern global economy? Discuss in the context of vulnerable individuals and groups, as well as the economic, social and political forces at play. What are thought to me the most effective solutions to this problem?

PART II – Answer two of the following questions (30 marks).
1. What characterizes the European Marriage Pattern and distinguishes it from marriage institutions in other regions? How might it explain the divergent patterns of development between the West and the Rest?

2. Why is the oppression and mistreatment of children, girls, and women seen to be a development issue? Provide some examples of the causes and consequences of specific types of oppression, and the most effective means thought to reduce the abuse and exploitation of children, women and girls?

3. What explains human migration in history and today? Discuss in the context of the both voluntary and human capital model of migration. To what extent is this framework sufficient to understand migration, both voluntary and forced? Discuss.

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