Having identified a policy problem, should the foreign aid be increased?

Having identified a policy problem, SHOULD FOREIGN AID TO AFRICA BE INCREASED?

You must now research and summarize the legislative history of the policy problem in 2-4 pages. Students’ approaches to this section may vary but should address the following questions:

  1. Has the problem been addressed in the past, and if so, how?
  2. At what level of government has it been addressed?
  3. By which branch of government has it been addressed?
  4. If by the legislative branch, identify specific laws related to the issue and date (year) of enactment; if by the executive branch, identify rules or orders related to the issue and date (year) made.
  5. What is the status of existing laws?

Note that this section is a purely objective legislative history. Do not include/insert your own evaluation of the success/benefits/failures of these policies. If the chosen policy problem addresses a “new” or previously unaddressed issue, your history must focus on related issues within the policy context.

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