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Health Care Providers and Products











Health Care Providers and Products

Health is a fundamental issue that concerns every person in the society and government leaders put effort to improve the general health of its citizens. Apart from governmental organizations, non-governmental institutions now come in to help in offering health services and products that would benefit inhabitants in the target regions. Some of the leading the healthcare service providers around the globe include the American Red Cross (ARC) and AMREF Health Africa that conducts its operations around African countries though make connections with foreign groups that focus on providing health activities.

Brief Description of both Organizations

The ARC, which is also known as the American National Red Cross, functions as a humanitarian organization that offers health services in areas that disasters strike, or where accidents occur. The foundation started its operations in 1881 and had its headquarters in Washington DC (Jones, 2013). The ARC has stations in several other nations and the management aspires to establish more bases in the coming times. The African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) on the other hand, serve as a private health provider, which now operates in its fiftieth year. Presently, AMREF functions as one of the prominent health care providers in Africa though the foundation appears to be making connections with other associations such as the ARC and St. John Ambulance.

Services by the American Red Cross

The ARC acquired the permission to offer relief assistance in times of hardships in 1905 regardless of the fact that it is a non-governmental institution. The congressional charter gives the ARC the power to engage in national and international actions that aim at lowering the effects of natural disasters such as fire, flood, and hurricane. The group may assist by transporting victims from the areas of disaster to safer places where they can get assistance. The group also provides food to people who fall victims of catastrophes. The group further tries to give some form of shelter to persons who become homeless in the times of disasters. Jones (2013) gives the example of the 2005 hurricane in Huston where the ARC erected 1472 temporary shelters to victims of the natural happening. The health care service provider dispatched at least three hundred thousand voluntary workers who dedicated their services to different areas with the motive of ensuring that the victims do not undergo further trauma. Red Cross, which served over 1.5 million families during the catastrophe, offered therapeutic counseling to persons who could not get over the incidence with ease and this offered motivations to direct and indirect causalities (Jones, 2013). The ARC is now one of the leading health service providers in times of hazards in the US and other countries.

Apart from offering rapid response to a health crisis, the American Red Cross offers extensive sensitization programs to members of the public with the motive of enlightening them about some of the critical health complications they may face, and how to prevent or cope up with the situation. The organization sends its voluntary workers to various locations in the US where they teach members of the public how to prepare for catastrophes such as floods, drought, and earthquakes which make it easy to manage the state in case the hazards emerge (Jones, 2013). The group provides information on some of the areas where citizens can acquire health services on other common health conditions such as pneumonia, typhoid as well as malaria and this equip participants in these meetings with valuable knowledge on how to overcome unbearable health situations.

The ARC organizes programs where people donate blood and has resources that preserve it so that they help needy individuals in times of crisis. The organization ensures that every person who shows up to donate blood is healthy and that the blood will not cause contamination of any nature. The ARC takes control of testing the blood and sampling them into relevant blood groups so that it becomes easy to give to the patients who need a particular type of blood group. Jones (2013) informs that the American Red Cross supplied large volumes of blood to causalities of the 2010 Haiti earthquake which hit a magnitude of 7.1Mw. The organization now has plans to establish blood banks in different locations within and without the country to provide rapid response to persons who lose a lot of blood during adverse happenings.

Products by the ARC

Besides giving vital health services to members of the public the ARC supply medical products, which help in various circumstances. The organization, for instance, provides first aid kits to different health facilities and premises in the United States and foreign states, which make it easy for individuals to carry out the primary care in case of accidents (Jones, 2013). Some of the common items inside a first aid kit include a scissor, a bandage, and an aesthetic for cleaning wounds. The ARC also produces lifesaving jackets that keep persons who regularly travel over water safe. The foundation does not only supply the lifesaving jackets but also provides awareness on how to put on the lifesavers.

Services by AMREF Health Africa

AMREF serves as a research institution where experts carry out investigations about some of the common ailments in Africa such as Malaria, cholera, and HIV/AIDS. The group that has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya has other research centers in nations such as Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Africa (Guerma, 2012). The establishment shares the information it acquires with members of the public, which makes it easy to advocate for a change in health policy. Officers in the group put the focus on issues that affect people who belong to the lower part of the society with the belief that enlightening this group will eradicate some of the conditions that are preventable but still pose a threat to humanity.

AMREF provides fundamental skills to community health workers in various areas but put more emphasis on skills that improve the provision of primary care. The health care provider is now investing in an eLearning program where physicians can acquire vital skills without being physically present in instruction zone (Guerma, 2012). The group’s international training center in Nairobi is renowned all over Africa and graduates with a Diploma in Community Health from the training center fit in various areas of health in several parts of the continent as well as other regions.

Products by AMREF Health Africa

AMREF mostly distributes banners and written documents that inform members of the public about different ailments besides distributing essential equipment in the medical field. The private firm comes up with various forms of advertisements that it puts on books, journals, magazines, as well as posters and banners (Guerma, 2012). The materials aid in acquiring in-depth information about many health issues and contribute towards controlling specific health adversities. The organization also supplies equipment such as hospital trolleys, stretchers, and wheelchairs.


The ARC and AMREF operate as some of the leading healthcare providers in the globe. The ARC responds to crises and also teaches the community on how to overcome certain health problems. The ARC has a program that facilitates blood donation, and this saves the lives of people who are in critical conditions. The ARC deals in products such as first aid kits and lifesaver jackets, while AMREF on its part serves as a research center which comes up with vital information that may help persons acquire solid knowledge about specific issues. Lastly, AMREF provides crucial lessons to healthcare workers and deals in products that enlighten the target population about some health problems.






















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