How could school financing be modified to provide more equal funding among all regions of a state?

  1. Chapter 4: Government Controls and Real Estate Markets
  2. Chapter 7: Valuation Using the Sales Comparison and Cost Approach
  3. Chapter 8: Valuation Using the Income Approach




  1. Riddel, M. (2011). Are housing bubbles contagious?  A case study of Las Vegas and Los Angeles home prices. Land Economics, 87(1), 126-144. Retrieved from EBSCOhost database.




  1. Wall Street Journal. (2011, October). California and the banks [Video file]. Retrieved from
  2. Wall Street Journal. (2011, June). Markets hub: Bad mortgages weigh on banks [Video file]. Retrieved from



Recommended Readings


  1. Seiler, M.J., Seiler, V. L., Harrison, D. M. and Luchtenberg, K. F. (2009). The role of profit, law and ethics in residential real estate investments.  Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 12 (2), 157-171.
  2. Brinkmann, J. (2009). Putting ethics on the agenda for real estate agents. Journal of Business Ethics, 88, 65-82.




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  1. Property Tax

    The property tax has been criticized as an unfair basis for financing public schools. Areas that have high property values are able to pay better schools than area having lower property values.  Thus, there is an inequality of educational opportunities that tends to perpetuate educational and social disadvantages for those who live in low-income areas.


Do you agree or disagree?

How could school financing be modified to provide more equal funding among all regions of a state? Respond substantively to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


  1. Zoning & Property Value Discussion

    The main argument traditionally advanced in the favor of zoning is that it protects property values.  Do you believe this contention? If so, how does zoning protect property values?  If you do not believe the contention, why not? Respond substantively to at least two of your classmates’ posts.






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Week Two Quiz

This quiz consists of 10 questions. The amount of time the quiz will take to complete will vary by individual.




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Case Study

Read the case study: “Are Housing Bubbles Contagious? A Case Study of Las Vegas and Los Angeles Home Prices” and watch the supplemental videos:

California and the Banks

Markets Hub: Bad Mortgages Weigh on Banks

In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), develop an analysis that includes:


  1. A summary of the case including the key players and background information.
  2. A description of the scope of real estate bubbles. (Are housing bubbles contagious?)
  3. An analysis of the real estate bubble issue and ethical considerations.
  4. At least one recommendation on how the real estate industry, homebuyers, and other stakeholders can help in avoiding real estate bubbles. Real estate principles must be used as support.


You are encouraged to incorporate course material and additional readings (i.e., journal articles, books, etc.) into your analysis to strengthen the content of your paper.

Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center and include at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.


1. Externalities can play an important role in determining a property’s price, either by adding value through positive externalities or by diminishing value through negative externalities. Which of the following is most likely to be considered a negative externality? (Points : 1)

Nearby parks and recreation facilities

Quality neighborhood schools

Public assistance facilities such as homeless shelters.

Well-kept landscapes.




Question 2. 2. Which of the following would be categorized as a cause of external obsolescence? (Points : 1)

Lack of adequate insulation

Deterioration of indoor carpets

Increased traffic flow due to more intensive use in the local area

Outdated fixtures




Question 3. 3. Which of the following measures is considered the fundamental determinate of market value for income-producing properties? (Points : 1)

Net operating income

Potential gross income

Operating expenses

Capital expenditures




Question 4. 4. The process of converting periodic income into a value estimate is referred to as income capitalization. Income capitalization models can generally be categorized as either direct capitalization models or discounted cash flow models. Which of the following statements best describes the direct capitalization method? (Points : 1)

Value estimates are based on a multiple of expected first year net operating income.

Appraisers must make explicit forecasts of the property’s net operating income for each year of the expected holding period.

Appraisers must select the appropriate yield at which to discount future cash flows.

The forecast must include the net income produced by a sale of the property at the end of the expected holding period.




Question 5. 5. Most appraisers would say that report writing is one of the most important functions that they perform. Assume that an appraiser is putting together a report for a single family home. Which of the following reporting options would be the most commonly used in this scenario? (Points : 1)

Self-contained appraisal report

Summary appraisal report

Restricted appraisal report

Oral appraisal report




Question 6. 6. It was not until the late 1960’s that land use controls moved to the forefront of public interest, as the belief that the environment was an endless and costless resource was replaced with the notion that the world was a closed system with limited space, air, water, and other resources. Environmentalists coined which of the following terms to refer to this new point of view? (Points : 1)

Smart growth

The Silent Spring

Spaceship earth

Urban sprawl




Question 7. 7. Net operating income is similar to which of the following measures of cash flow in corporate finance? (Points : 1)

Dividend yield

Earnings before deductions for interest, depreciation, income taxes, and amortization (EBIDTA)

Price-earnings ratio

Discount rate




Question 8. 8. Accrued depreciation is the difference between the current market value of a building and the total cost to reproduce it new. One reason for this difference is related to changes in tastes, preferences, technical innovations, or market standards. This is commonly referred to as: (Points : 1)

physical deterioration

functional obsolescence

external obsolescence

tax depreciation




Question 9. 9. The cost approach to valuation assumes the market value of a new building is similar to the cost of constructing it today. Which of the following terms refers to the expenditure required to construct a building of equal utility using modern construction techniques, materials, and design that eliminates outdated aspects of the structure? (Points : 1)

Reproduction cost

Replacement cost

Fixed cost

Variable cost




Question 10. 10. One complication that appraisers may face is the variety of lease types that may be available for a particular property type. Which of the following statements best describes a “graduated” or step-up lease? (Points : 1)

The monthly rent remains fixed over the entire lease term.

The lease establishes schedule of rental rate increases over the term of the lease.

Rental rate increases are indexed to the general rate of inflation.

Rental rates are a function of the sales of the tenant’s business.

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