How did oxygen generation by Elodea vary in dark and light conditions?

BI 102 Lab 2 Writing Assignment

How did oxygen generation by Elodea vary in dark and light conditions?

This assignment requires you to evaluate a hypothesis and communicate the results of your

experiment O2 generation by Elodea under different conditions. The questions below are meant to

guide you to reporting the key findings of your experiment and help you think through how to

explain the findings and draw conclusions from them in a scientific manner. Because you’ve

already had an opportunity to practice these skills once, this assignment is worth 16 points.

ASSIGNMENT: Please respond to the following questions to complete your laboratory write up. For this

assignment you will only focus on O2 generation experiment. Make sure that your write up is accurate, and

clearly written so that it is easily readable.

A grading rubric is provided on the second page of this assignment. To earn full points on your write up,

you must provide answers that align to the “meets” column of your grading rubric as well as meeting all

“Quality of Writing and Mechanics” elements described in the rubric. There are also some tips on pages 3-4

of this assignment to help you succeed.


• Type your responses, using 1.5 or double spacing.

• Include the section headings (Hypothesis, Results, Analysis) and question number (example: 1, 2, 3,

etc) in your answers but do not rewrite the question.

• Graphs may be made with a computer program (example: Microsoft excel, Mac numbers, etc) or may

be neatly produced with a ruler on graphing paper.

• Print out the cover sheet on page 2 of this assignment, read and sign the academic honesty statement,

and submit it with your write up. Your instructor WILL NOT accept a write up without the signed cover


DUE DATE: Your write up is due at the beginning of class next week. Late assignments will have 1 point

deducted per day up to 5 days, at which point the assignment will be assigned 0 points.

Hypothesis and Prediction – Part 1 of R

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