load cell for total valve

Load cell for total valve


  1. Individual’s Name and Problem Statement for that individual: Should be written by the individual (as should everything in this section).


  1. Two Alternative Approaches to solve your problem that you did NOT select: No more than one page for this. Include a figure for each concept.
  2. Benchmarking: There is a strong possibility that someone has already addressed your problem, or a similar problem. Search the literature for solutions that others have published or that could be purchased. Summarize the similarities and differences between what you find and what you need.
  3. Description & Conceptual Analyses of the Most Promising Solution: Describe the most promising solution to your individual problem statement. Explain why this concept was selected over the two alternativesin section b. Conduct preliminary analyses of size, geometry, cost, weight, power requirements, flow characteristics, stability, etc. There should be some sort of “rendering” (a sketch or drawing) showing what the finished product will look like, and a layout drawing, roughly to scale, of the overall geometry (as many views as needed). With the layout drawing, include a parts list with a part number, a description of each part, the material, and the approximate cost of each part in separate columns. This list is not expected to be comprehensive.
  4. Safety Features: Safety is an important criterion for EVERY mechanical design. Describe potential safety problems and how your design will avoid them. Consider “foreseeable misuse.” Think in terms of (1) occupational safety (manufacturing your design), (2) consumer safety (for the user of your device) and (3) public safety (those in the proximity of your functional device).
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations: This section is very important. State the conclusions from your analyses and any recommendations you have for your team. These should address the ability of your concept to meet all engineering specifications. Make SPECIFIC, QUANTITATIVE recommendations based on assuring compliance with specs.


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