Nursing Leadership & management field experience

C355 task one


Dear writer, I am taking an masters of science in nursing degree program, with an emphasis in leadership.  I work as a nurse at Valley Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada a fairly small LTAC (Longer term acute care hospital), and realized while working there that this could be good change in our hospital.  Since I am learning to be a leader through this degree program, I need to create a paper / project that comes from a leadership standpoint.  Please focus the writing from this perspective.  Please add to these ideas below to make this a masters degree level paper.  Also note, that I have another task, C355 task two that goes along with this project, and would like you to incorporate this idea and topic from task one into task two.




C1. Dry cracked hands from using alcohol-free hand sanitizer

C2. Quality improvement idea: switch from alcohol-free hand sanitizer to alcohol-free hand sanitizer with lotion. The idea seems simple enough, but needs approval from the financial department and CEO and CNO in order to make this change hospital wide.

C3. Explain the causes of the problem: there has been an increase of nosocomial infections in the hospital in the past six month by 13%.

C4.Indentify the stakeholders:  CEO and Financial committee for product approval of new product, CNO for buy-in of problem and approval of product, Nurse educator- for creation of educational materials about the new product, and creating 15 minute educational plans where the new product will be explained to the staff, and even demonstrated, nurse manager-for creating 15 in-service sessions into the schedules, floor nurses- to learn about the new product and  comply with the change, housekeeping staff- to learn about the new product, and what the packaging looks like, etc, ancillary staff: staff from other departments- radiology, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, dietary, case management, doctors, and visitors: to learn about the new product through simple advertisement attached to the product, as well as using the new product frequently.  The effected nursing departments: ICU, IMC, Med-Surg.

  1. explain the purpose of the project- to increase hand washing hospital wide, through the change from the current product to this new product that contains hand lotion.
  2. This new product still kills 99% of germs for up to 4 hours, costs the same, and can be purchased from our existing vendor.



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