OP-ED style paper on a “contested” place (Times Square) in third space perspective

Write about a “contested” place from the perspective of this course (MY CHOSEN PLACE IS TIMES SQUARE IN NEW YORK CITY), specifically while keeping a thirdspace perspective in mind. A thirdspace perspective forbids judgmental and reductionist generalizations in favor of a nuanced description of a place’s complex construction, multiple processes, many use-values, and alternative histories.You will write an analysis of this place, which will highlight aspects, uses, histories, fights over and future potentials relating to this place, which are otherwise not easily discernable or known by the common passer-by. This paper is an OP-ED style paper, please note, an op-ed is not an “opinion” piece, but rather, a well-informed analysis that may in fact be opinionated. There is a huge difference between the two. To get a firm understanding of op-ed approaches and styles, please read the article that is attached and then read many op-eds. Op-eds in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times are some of the best. Just visit the op-ed page of each paper and start reading. I will provide the pictures in the paper.

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