Strategic Change Management

This unit provides the learner with the understanding and skills to support active engagement in the process of strategic change management.


‘There is only one constant today and that is change’. The phenomenal pace of change in countries such as China and brazil is impacting older, and established economies; withsuch change comes uncertainty and insecurity.

The Transnational company you are employed in, is quite concerned with the globalization, political, social, technological and economical revolutions all around. The organization has established a study group to manage the changes more effectively and efficiently. As a head of the group you have to develop an understanding of the models of strategic change and the role that stakeholders play in this process. Your group will then examine the need for change in yourorganisation and plan the implementation of a model for change.

Write a report to the senior management and cover all the points mentioned above and below.

Task 1

Understand the background to organisational strategic change

1.1 Discuss models of strategic change

1.2 Evaluate the relevance of models of strategic change to organisations in the current economy

1.3 Assess the value of using strategic intervention techniques in organisations

Task 2

Understand issues relating to strategic change in an organization

2.1 Examine the need for strategic change in an organization

2.2 Assess the factors that are driving the need for strategic change in an organisation

2.3 Assess the resource implications of the organisation not responding to strategic change

Task 3

Be able to lead stakeholders in developing a strategy for change

3.1 Develop systems to involve stakeholders in the planning of change

3.2 Develop a change management strategy with stakeholders

3.3 Evaluate the systems used to involve stakeholders in the planning of change

3.4 Create a strategy for managing resistance to change
Task 4

Be able to plan to implement models for ensuring ongoing change

4.1 Develop appropriate models for Change

4.2 Plan to implement a model for Change

4.3 Develop appropriate measures to monitor progress

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