Why should a social enterprise pursue multiple sources of funds?

First I need to do case study.See the file below. one page.

Second I need to answer this question: Why should a social enterprise pursue multiple sources of funds?

Thierd I need to respond to this : I feel that it is very important for a social enterprise to seek multiple sources of funding. A main reason for this is because usually it is very difficult for one source to fund an entire organization. This also makes it very nerve racking for a company. If the funding source comes into some problems and no longer is able to fund your company, then this could cause many issues for your company, and could potentially force you to close down your company. Multiple sources will allow the company to have a cushion if one company is no longer able to fund them, and also gives them the opportunity to receive more money so that they can have everything funded that needs funding. This will help guarantee that the company will not run into too many problems with funding, and will make sure that they will continue to function and stay in business.

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